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Counter-Strike 2 Could be Announced Soon – Report

A new Counter-Strike game, Counter-Strike 2, could be announced soon according to a new leak. The reveal will reportedly happen sometime this month and enter beta before 1 April. The report originates from a prominent esports journalist but it has also been backed up by listings on new NVIDIA drivers that support two new, unknown apps, csgos2.exe and cs2.exe.

According to journalist Richard Lewis who has a long history of reporting on Counter-Strike insider information and stories, “a new version of Counter-Strike [is] on its way and that had been worked on for some time.”

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Lewis went on to state that Counter-Strike 2 will arrive this month and allow players to participate in a beta:

“The new version is almost certainly set to be released under the working title Counter-Strike 2 and the tentative release date for the beta is in this month of March with April 1st at the outside.”

Lewis added that the sequel is “about ready to go” and reportedly already entered limited testing at Valve’s headquarters in Seattle. Strange listings on NVIDIA’s new drivers backed up his claims as it clearly listed two unknown apps pointing to CS: GO 2. It’s possible that NVIDIA implemented these apps ahead of the game’s launch and its beta.

Counter-Strike 2 GO Announced Leak

CS: GO continues to be one of the most played competitive games in the world so it makes sense that Valve would want to update the game and launch a follow-up, presumably with better graphics and several improvements over its predecessor. While all of the evidence already seems like confirmation that a sequel is well on its way, we’ll just have to wait for an official statement and announcement from Valve.

“The big priority is getting this out and then polishing it, fixing any bugs and bringing it up to the level people expect from CS,” Lewis added. The game will apparently run on the Source 2 engine which shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Source: Richard Lewis

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