Cows Wearing VR Headsets Spotted in Russia

VR Cows
Cows Wearing VR Headsets Spotted in Russia

Someone is putting VR headsets on cows and the world is asking questions. The photos were found on social media where people are predicting the “mootrix” has arrived. According to sources, the photos are from an experiment currently running in Russia to see if VR can help dairy cows by reducing anxiety and increasing milk production.

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According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow Region, the VR headset tests are being carried out at a farm near Moscow. The headsets have been specially adapted for a cow’s head to form a clear vision for the animal’s eyes and head shape.

The cows are then “transported” into a “unique summer field simulation program” for them to enjoy. Considering it is raining half the time in Russia, this could be a much-needed digital holiday these cows need. These tests are just one of many focusing on animal well-being by improving the quality of life beyond the physical farm.

The tests have been going well so far with positive results showing a decrease in anxiety and an increase in the emotional mood of the herd. This “Google Grass” VR experiment could have a large impact on the agricultural industry. Happy + happy livestock = more produce. If anything, the cow’s well-being is the big focus here as the tests will reduce stress levels which occur in any animals’ daily life.

You can read more about this experiment on the official press release from (yes, that is the site’s name). We are excited to see what the results of this overall test are so hopefully a full study will be released in the coming months.

If the VR cow experiment proves one thing, it is that people are asking for VR (take that Phill Spencer).

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