Crash Team Rumble

Crash Team Rumble is Already Dead With 30 Viewers on Twitch

Crash Team Rumble was released last week and it doesn’t seem to have gained the traction Activision was hoping. Instead of a new mainline entry in the series, Crash Team Rumble is a multiplayer, PvP battle arena game with a steep price tag, in-game purchases and a battle pass. So a pretty far stretch away from the excitement which came with the Crash Bandicoot series in the past.

Of course, gamers have completely overlooked Crash Team Rumble due to this and the game is struggling to find its footing. So much so that its player base and Twitch numbers are non-existent.

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According to Video Gamer, Crash Team Rumble had a total of just 30 viewers on Twitch this week. At times, this number dropped to as low as 15. For a game which is just a week old, this isn’t good at all.

There might be a few things to blame for this. Firstly, the game’s live-service approach has chased fans of the series away. It has also been quite a busy time for gaming with Diablo 4, Final Fantasy XVI and Tears of the Kingdom taking up all the online attention.

But apart from that, Crash Team Rumble hasn’t received much media attention either. We haven’t been able to cover the game on the site ourselves due to the lack of support from Activision. While some international media received beta access and review codes, local coverage has been lacking. As a result, the lack of exposure means a lack of interest.

I would hate to see where Crash Team Rumble is sitting in a month’s time given how abysmal the numbers are looking already. The game is now available on PS4, PS5 and Xbox.

Source: Video Gamer

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