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Crazy Taxi Reboot is Reportedly a Live Service Game

Last year during The Game Awards, Sega announced its ambitious plans to revive several dormant IPs including Jet Set Radio, Shinobi and Crazy Taxi, among others. New reports now claim that Sega has plans to develop a reboot of Crazy Taxi that will take the form of a live service game inspired by Fortnite alongside a remake of the original game.

The report originates from reliable leaker Midori, who has been accurate about Sega and Atlus leaks in the past. Midori claims that Sega will reboot Crazy Taxi as a live service game, taking some notes from Fortnite as it will potentially include “live events, collaborations and customisations.” Furthermore, the leaker notes that Sega plans to add a battle royale-esque survival mode in the reboot that will feature up to 100 players racing.

Midori adds that Sega wants to be competitive in the live service scene using its revived IPs to push those ambitions. A lot of inspiration is apparently being taken from GTA Online and Fortnite, especially for the Jet Set Radio reboot which will also be a live service title and lean heavier into shooting elements.

While several publishers are still pivoting towards live service games for long-term sustainability (including PlayStation and Warner Bros Games), Sega appears to be following that trend with its reported plans for more live service games out of its revived IPs. While the remakes will probably be faithful reimaginings of the older classics that we’ve come to know and love, reboots clearly indicate that Sega wants to take a completely different direction for the future of these franchises.

Source: Midori

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