Saints Row Boss Factory

Create Your Saints Row Boss Ahead of Launch in Boss Factory

Volition surprised gamers last night during the Summer Games Fest with the announcement of Saints Row Boss Factory. The free downloadable game is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. It allows players to fully experience the Saints Row customization system and craft their main character ahead of the game’s launch in October.

Saints Row features one of the best-looking customization systems I have seen in gaming in a long time so it makes sense that players should be able to spend countless hours playing around in it before actually playing the game. However, Saints Row Boss Factory is more than just a glorified customization app.

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For starters, the app lets players craft their awesome boss using ALL the existing customization tools available in the full game. This app isn’t a taste of what is to come, it is in fact the full system. Once crafted, players can then share their boss using the unique seven-digit code that is generated after you create your character. That way, other players can import your boss into their Boss Factory across all platforms.

Saints Row Boss Factory also comes with its own gallery system so players can explore other creations from other apps across all platforms too. You can also vote for your favourites and search for bosses that might fit into a certain style that you prefer. This is done through the Saints Row website here under the “Boss Factory” menu.

This gallery system will be around even once the game launches so if you get tired of looking at the same face while you’re playing the full release, you can easily go ahead and find another one on the site and download them with the code. In addition, you can always launch the app and make one or use the in-game system to do the same thing.

Volition is also giving away some free cosmetics for Saints Row to those who test out the Boss Factory app. Anyone who downloads Boss Factory and saves and shares a Boss will automatically receive two exclusive DJ Helmets in the full Saints Row game from 23 August. This works so long as it’s using the same platform account. No registration is required.

There’s also a cool-looking Marshall Defense Technologies Rocket Launcher available for users who register a Saints Row profile on the site. This is a free item available to all players who create an account regardless of using Boss Factory or not.

Saints Row is set to launch on 23 August. Catch up on the Summer Games Fest trailer below.

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