Creators United 24-Hour Charity Stream – How You Can Support Abraham Kriel’s Non-Profit Organization
Creators United
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Creators Unite! The next new Creator’s Ball, now called Creators United, takes place on the 27th and 28th July and gives content creators a chance to share their craft for the greater good. This event is partnered with Abraham Kriel Bambanani Children’s Non-Profit, features a Superhero Theme and we now have a target of at least R50k. 

The Abraham Kriel’s Non-Profit Organization provides “shelter, physical care, rehabilitation and skills development for beneficiaries that had been subjected to trauma, abuse, molestation, poverty, neglect and unemployment. This is done via residential care, community services and educational programmes.” 

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Where can you start supporting?

Sometimes, supporting doesn’t always require a hands-on approach. You can assist by following the hashtags down below. The various content creators will be posting updates with these hashtags leading up to the event. Let’s work together to gain awareness of this fantastic initiative to help those less fortunate. 

You can help by supporting these hashtags and even making posts of your own for the greater good. 


  • #CreatorsUntdZA
  • #Charity
  • #NexusHub
  • #CreatorSuperHeroes
  • #CreatingForGood

Where do I find updates?

The hands behind the curtain of Creator’s United have made gathering information around the event a lot easier. You can simply follow the various social media platforms to stay updated and follow the progress of Creator’s United for now and the future.

Who is going to be there?

Creator’s United will feature some of South Africa’s greatest minds in an attempt to raise money for charity. Tune in to see some great content streams coming out of the awesome selection of people involved in the event. You can read all the interviews from everyone involved on the Creators United interview hub page. Take a look at all the content creators involved in this event down below

Vince James

Jessica Botha

Cinzia Pompa



Sheree Buchholz

Shushie Bushie

Julia Bish

More content creators involved in this event will be announced in the coming days so make sure you follow the Creators United social media pages for updates on who else will be part of this event. Of course, we would also love everyone to tune into the Creators United 24-hour stream and in the coming days a full schedule along with when and where to catch the action will be shared. In the meantime, follow and subscribe to the links below:

Join us on the 27th and 28th of July for a 24-hour stream. 






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