Cricut Comic Con Africa 2022
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Cricut Gets Creative at Comic Con Africa 2022

Introducing a whole new community to your products is never an easy task, but the team at Cricut did exactly that over the Comic Con Africa 2022 convention. Whether you are a gamer, a cosplayer or you are a fan of any number of fandoms, if you were at Comic Con Africa you were treated to various ways that you can use Cricut to personalise and customise your life.

Gamers got a glimpse into how they can use Cricut to personalise their gaming rigs, controllers or peripherals. For a long time, gamers have been trying to find ways to make their setups unique to them – from flourishes and fancy designs on your hardware to using Cricut to add your gamer tags or clan logos to just about everything in your life, even your mouse pads. Not just for video gamers but board gamers as well, Cricut can be used to create unique quest maps and terrain, tokens and character sheets. Content creators were also shown how to use Cricut to make merchandise for their followers and earn additional income from selling branded goods.

Cricut Comic Con Africa 2022

Cosplayers got a taste of how Cricut can make their lives easier when creating their builds. Creating intricate armour and outfits is easy when Cricut can cut and score EVA foam and thermoplastics like Worbla. Cricut can also be used to create patterns for sewing and templates to make painting and spraying flawless. Not only can Cricut be used for helping to create impressive outfits, but also masterpiece props.

Fans were treated to how to surround yourself with your favourite fandom – mugs, tshirts and hoodies, stickers and stencils, you can represent your passion for your favourite superheroes, animes or games. Expert ambassadors were on hand to teach convention goers the ins and outs of Cricut and direct them right to the PNA stationers section where they could pick up exactly what they needed to tackle their projects with some amazing specials on bundles and consumables, courtesy of PNA.

Cricut Comic Con Africa 2022

Besides the amazing demonstrations, we also got to experience some informative Cricut panels at the artist alley spotlight stage – sponsored by Cricut. From how to use Cricut in the classroom for educators to using Cricut for your model kit builds and how their design program Design Space makes Cricut user friendly, viewers were shown so many different aspects of Cricut, it’s no wonder most spectators went straight back to the PNA Stationers section of the Cricut stand to get their hands on the bundles that were available.

Cricut Comic Con Africa 2022

Cricut fans (even those who weren’t able to be at the convention) were part of a special announcement by Cricut South Africa – for the first time, South Africa was part of a global new product launch. That meant that Cricut enthusiasts did not have to wait for the new products to be available locally. All the new products were Comic Con Africa exclusive deals so fans could pick up Cricut printable labels, the new Cricut watercolour pens and cardstock and the popular Cricut glow in the dark vinyl and iron on (HTV) materials, not to mention the new Cricut vinyl colours and Cricut vinyl finishes.

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