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Crime Boss: Rockay City is One of The Worst-Rated Games of 2023

Crime Boss: Rockay City launched this week. If you haven’t heard of this game, that is no surprise. At the moment, it doesn’t seem to be making enough noise to be noticed and that might be a good thing. Even its rollout has been questionable. The game supposedly launched on 28 March for PC and while the PlayStation YouTube channel uploaded the so-called “launch trailer”, the game isn’t actually available on PS5 at all. In fact, it is only set to launch sometime in June for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

So if you’re on PC, the only place to play this game right now, is Crime Boss: Rockay City worth it? It doesn’t seem so. Early reviews for the game dropped around the launch of the PC version this week and they haven’t been great at all.

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On Metacritic, Crime Boss: Rockay City is sitting on 49% with a 5.6 user score. Reviews sit anywhere between 30% on Game Informer to 60% on Attack of The Fanboy. Keep in mind that Publisher 505 Games clearly wanted this game to launch without any sort of media buzz hence there only being 12 reviews on Metacritic at the time.

Still, the fewer reviews for Crime Boss: Rockay City hasn’t helped the general rating for the game at 49%. So should you skip Crime Boss: Rockay City? Seems likely. As for the console launch, we’ll have to see if some miracle takes place before it launches.

Game Informer – 30/100

Crime Boss: Rockay City is proof that star power isn’t everything. In fact, it’s a reminder that a celebrity cast does nothing for a game when it’s void of anything interesting or fun to support it. When run-ending bugs appear, Crime Boss is miserable, but even when I’m running a mission bug-free, I lay witness to a painfully dull take on organized crime. At its best, Crime Boss functions – I can shoot weapons at enemies, empty bank vaults and warehouses for loot, watch cutscenes with recognizable faces and voices, and grow my empire – but it never captures my attention in a meaningful or memorable way. Instead, it pushes me further and further away, leaving me with no desire to ever return to Rockay City. Read the full review.

TheGamer – 40/100

Crime Boss Rockay City is a cautionary tale for how to effectively budget a video game, and a prime example of how games need to feel and play well first and foremost. There are good ideas buried deep within this game, and the roguelike/Payday combination is a genuinely novel concept I’d love to see explored in a project with more focus. However, using a voice cast of Hollywood talent past their prime is a choice that doesn’t add anything to the game, and it’s not enough to distract me from the shallow gameplay that was already done much better ten years ago. Read the full review.

Screen Rant – 50/100

In its current state, Crime Boss: Rockay City feels like a low-level wannabe criminal trying to get rich quick on a street populated with multiplayer shooters who already do better. Read the full review.

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