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Crowded – The Comic Series About Using an App to Order a Hit on Someone

Recently I’ve been making a real effort to read through the backlog of comics that I have before just buying and reading new ones. This has led to countless finds – comics I’ve had and wanted to read but just never found the time. Until now. I’ve read many comics set in the past and even more set in the future. However, Crowded is the first comic I’ve ever read that’s set precisely 10 minutes from now. Set in a world which very much mirrors our own, a world where you can use your phone for pretty much anything and everything. The catch is that Crowded takes that concept a step further.

Crowded suggests a world where you can use an app on your phone called Reapr to crowdsource legal, 30-day hits on people. Created by Christopher Sebela (Hellraiser; Escape from New York; Injustice Ground Zero) and with art by Ro Stein (Princeless; The Unstoppable Wasp; The Might Captain Marvel), Crowded tells the story of Charlie, the million-dollar girl.


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One day Charlie’s life was perfectly normal. She was going about her day while working her three jobs and the next morning all hell broke loose. Charlie finds herself as a target on Reapr with a million-dollar bounty (and still growing) on her head.

With pretty much all of L.A. out to kill her to claim the bounty for themselves, Charlie finds herself desperately trying to survive until the end of the month when the hit expires. To help her chance of survival, Charlie uses another app called Dfend to hire herself a bodyguard. However, the only bodyguard she can afford also happens to be the lowest-rated on the app. It also doesn’t help that Charlie has her mind on more than just surviving, she also wants revenge.

Crowded Comic

Crowded is honestly such a hidden gem of a comic. It’s well-drawn, the colours pop off the page and the story keeps you intrigued all the way through. The characters are also all so alive with such distinctive personalities.

If you’ve never picked up Crowded before, this is the perfect time to start. The team is currently wrapping up the final few Issues that will complete the story. In addition, Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect; Jojo Rabbit; Cats) has bought the rights to produce and star in a movie adaption.

Crowded Comic

Through all the comics I read, I don’t think I’ve ever read anything quite like Crowded before. It’s a brilliant take on life where we use apps for everything from ordering our food to backing ideas, to talking to a therapist. It’s familiar enough in its premise that it draws you in, while still staying true to being a comic and delivering all the quirky craziness you would expect.

Want to grab Crowded for yourself? Head over to Critters and Comics. The series is currently available in the following formats: Digital; Single Issues (12 Issues) or as two Trade Paperbacks

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