The official Crysis Twitter page has come back to life for the first time in three years. The Twitter account has been dormant for the longest time but yesterday it simply tweeted “RECEIVING DATA” and the internet lost its mind. A Crysis remake or Crysis 4 release has been rumoured for a while now ever since Crytek teased the starting beach in a demo showcase video they released in late 2019.

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While the tweet does not confirm the announcement of a new game or remake in the Crysis series, the account would not just come back to life for no reason at all. Nothing has changed on the Crysis Twitter account with no new profile image or cover photo revealing an imminent announcement. However, given where we are right now when it comes to the move to next-gen, it would be quite fitting that a new game in the series would launch to put all new consoles and PC builds to the test.

The original Crysis video game was seen as the ultimate benchmark in gaming and still today it stands as a great way to test out your hardware. The phrase “Can it run Crysis?” has been well-known in gaming ever since its release.

The last game, Crysis 3 release back in 2013 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC with the second game releasing just two years beforehand. The original game released almost 13 years ago on PC. If this is the start of a Crysis 4 announcement, sign us up. It could be the first game to showcase what is possible on next-gen hardware as up to now, all we have seen is old Gears of War games running on the Xbox Series X, and Mark Cerny standing in front of a fake crown explaining some really complicated tech to them. Please, Crytek, show us something awesome!

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