I wish I could post the Crysis Remastered is all but confirmed but that is not the case. However, Crytek could be teasing at something and it could possibly be a remaster of the iconic “system destroying” PC game.

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In a new CryEngine tech demo reel, where the company showcased new features of the latest update, right at the end, we see a jungle scene which many of you will remember. The camera then walks uphill to the top where it reveals a gorgeous sunset on a beach.

The scene gets even more familiar as it begins to play the original tune too which then ends with the sound of the CryNet Nanosuit changing its mode.

For those of you who have played the original Crysis, you will remember this iconic opening of the game where the beauty of the world came to life in a way never seen before in video games. The scene showcases much of the new features in the latest CryEngine version such as volumetric lighting, mesh textures and more.

It may be just too convenient to have Crytek showcase the opening of the original Crysis running on the new engine but many believe it could indeed be a glimpse at Crysis Remastered or even a Crysis Remake. The scene starts at 2:17 but we recommend watching the whole thing because it is quite a gorgeous trailer.

Do you think Crysis Remastered could be on the cards? Perhaps Crytek is working on a Crysis Remake? Let us know down below.

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/vUyWwqY-pYc”]

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