CS: GO Cache Rework Complete – When You Can Expect to See The Map Return
CS: GO Cache rework
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In March this year, Valve removed the removed Cache from the Active Duty map pool and replaced it with Vertigo. The creator of the original map, FMPONE, has been working on a Cache rework for nearly two years and in June in collaboration with map creator Sal Garrozo, he shared a progress update, noting that the Cache rework is moving along very nicely. Now, the CS: GO Cache rework has been completed, but the map isn’t available just yet.

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The news of the Cache rework being completed didn’t come from FMPONE, but instead, from ESL. The original creator, however, did add a hidden message above the Terrorist spawn site in the form of the word “apple”. ESL shared the image of the map’s completion recently, with an apple icon in the tweet. First, check out the image below.

CS: GO Cache rework

As you can see, work on sections Sunroom, B Halls and Heaven is now complete. However, there has been no official word from Valve as to when we will see the CS: GO Cache rework get released.

That’s where the “apple” tease comes into play. We will see the map rework at ESL One New York for the first time. The tournament kicks off on 26 September, so mark those calendars. We can expect the CS: GO Cache rework to get released shortly after the tournament completes. FMPONE also released a short announcement video explaining that there will be a show match before the grand finals of ESL One New York on the reworked map.

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Are you excited for the CS: GO Cache rework? Let us know in the comment section below.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2FxygHDhpk” width=”600″]






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