CS: GO Gets Halo Stickers and Some More Improvements
CS: GO Gets Halo Stickers and Some More Improvements
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Less than two weeks ago, CS: GO got characters in the first Operation in more than two years, called Shattered Web. Since then, Valve has continued to tweak maps and make improvements to the game in another update and now, in the latest CS: GO update, Valve has added a Halo Stickers capsule to the game for players to purchase.

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In the latest CS: GO update, Valve has tweaked to the recently released Storage Units by improving the process of depositing multiple items into a Storage Unit and retrieving multiple items. The biggest addition, however, is the Halo crossover promotion, where a CS: GO Halo Stickers capsule has been released for the game but one can’t help but wonder if this was really necessary.

Apart from the CS: GO Halo Stickers, Valve has also improved in-game performance by suspending several UI videos while in-game. Further, there are some fixes and improvements to both Cache and Studio. Check out the CS: GO Studio and Cache map improvements below.


  • Visibility and readability improvements.
  • Clipping fixes.


  • Added radar callouts.
  • Increased bomb explosion radius from 500 to 600.
  • Reduced size of site B (Removed back stairs and adjusted site to new size).
  • Adjusted cover on A and B site.
  • Adjusted playable positions on Middle.
  • Improved clipping across the map to provide smoother gameplay.
  • Fixed community reported bomb stuck spots.
  • Removed some props to improve visuals and gameplay on A / B Entrances.
  • Increased lighting on Back of A.
  • Added paint to back of A site boost to provide clearer visuals.

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What do you think about the CS: GO Halo Stickers capsule and the improvements for the Studio and Cache maps? Let us know in the comment section below.

Gaming | PC | CS: GO Gets Halo Stickers and Some More Improvements
Gaming | PC | CS: GO Gets Halo Stickers and Some More Improvements






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