Valve Makes Several Changes to Two CS: GO Maps
Valve Makes Several Changes to Two CS: GO Maps
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Valve has been busy recently dropping update after update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). At the end of March, Valve removed Cache from the Active Duty map pool and replaced it with Vertigo, all while releasing the EZ4ENCE Music Kit and Feral Predators Sticker Capsule. Since Vertigo is now in the Active Duty map pool, Valve has made several changes to the map, as well as a bunch of changes to Abbey. These two CS: GO maps have received some significant changes as the developers continue to tinker with map balance.

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Alongside some arguably significant changes to both CS: GO maps, there are also several fixes. Even old Nuke got one tiny fix from the developer. In Vertigo, Valve has improved the visibility from B site towards T stairs, fixed a bunch of clipping issues and more. In Abbey, the developer yet again added a fence on B Long, removed a wheelbarrow and much more.

Check out all the changes to the CS: GO maps in the latest update below.


  • Replaced red fence section at top of A ramp
  • Fixed pixel gaps on bombsite boxes
  • Raised floor of B stairs pit by 64 units
  • Reduced wallbang damage from CT elevator room towards T entrance to mid
  • Increased height of crane concrete base on A site
  • Improved visibility from B site towards T stairs
  • Added cover on right side when exiting stairs to B/exiting window
  • Fixed pixel gap from T spawn towards B catwalk
  • Fixed slight gaps between tarp sections on scaffolding
  • Fixed unintended boost on scaffolding at A ramp
  • Blocked weapons from being dropped underneath A ramp
  • Blocked weapons from being dropped underneath A site crane
  • Blocked players from going on the outside of ibeams in T spawn
  • Simplified collision on top of scaffolding models
  • Fixed various clipping bugs


  • Removed gate model on B bombsite
  • Added fence on B long once again
  • Removed wheelbarrow on B long
  • Opened up a skybox to B bombsite allowing grenades being thrown from upper CT spawn as well as middle
  • Rotated crates on B bombsite
  • Moved big crate on B bombsite
  • Added tree for cover on B long
  • Extended wooden building on B
  • Improved clipping
  • Updated radar image
  • Replaced tarp with a model


  • Fixed C4 stuck spot outside near silo

What do you think about the changes to these CS: GO maps in the game’s latest update? Let us know in the comment section below.

Gaming | PC | Valve Makes Several Changes to Two CS: GO Maps
Gaming | PC | Valve Makes Several Changes to Two CS: GO Maps






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