CS: GO Pros Are Truly Sportsmen According To The Danish Prime Minister
CS: GO Pros are truly sportsmen
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The BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen CS: GO tournament took place over the weekend where Na’Vi managed to get the best of Ninja’s in Pyjamas during the grand finals. It was some excellent CS: GO to watch, but the best part about the whole tournament wasn’t the matches, but rather a speech. Taking the stage to kick off the proceedings, the Danish Prime Minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, honoured the players, saying that CS: GO Pros are truly sportsmen.

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This happened in front of a massive 12,000 capacity crowd at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen and you could hear the crowd light up and cheer as Lars Løkke Rasmussen made his speech. You can view his entire speech at the bottom of this article, or read the most important part below.

You have been training for years and years to be where you are. And along the way, you have probably had to explain yourselves more than once, convincing people that you were not wasting your time. But now I hope your explaining days are over, because you are sportsmen. You are truly sportsmen following your dreams, and using your talents.

You are e-gaming pioneers.

It’s also an including world that brings people together, across countries, continents, and origins. In this way, you are an inspiration for the world of tomorrow.

The crowded cheers after that and you could just feel the electricity in the air. Why is this so important? Well, besides the whole debate if esports should be considered a sport or not, it is simply excellent to see someone of Mr Rasmussen’s standing come out and honour the players in such a manner.

Check out the video as uploaded by TalkEsports below and then tell us what you think about the Danish Prime Minister’s comments.

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