CS: GO Update Makes Improvements to Shattered Web Mission Tracking
New CS: GO Operation Shattered Web mission tracking Valve
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Valve unleashed the first CS: GO Operation in over two years, Operation Shattered Web, last month and it is filled with content, from the game’s first Agents to new cases, weapon collections, stickers and a battle pass system. There are also new mission cards for players to progress in but it seems that the system didn’t track tracking the Shattered Web missions wasn’t perfect, which is why Valve deployed a new CS: GO update.

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In the latest CS: GO update, Valve has made improvements to Shattered Web mission tracking and now, the official game servers will intelligently deduce a mission that you are making progress on. There’s also a couple of other improvements, one for the end of match screen and one when it comes to bots. Check out the update notes from Valve below.

  • Official game servers will now intelligently deduce a mission that player can be making progress on. Player’s active operation mission card will always have high priority, but mission cards from other weeks will also be considered and can be offered when active mission card doesn’t feature a suitable mission.
  • End of match screen will now always display equipped Agent rather than most recent model used as player or bot.
  • Improved strategy execution logic stability for bots in Guardian missions.

For those who’ve been wondering how they can unlock the Halo: Reach music kit in CS: GO, Valve has explained on Twitter that:

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Have you had any issues with mission tracking in CS: GO with Operation Shattered Web? Let us know what you think about the improvements made by Valve in the new CS: GO update below.






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