Valve is such a tease, seriously! Without saying anything about a release date, the developer just threw up a short video on the official CS: GO Twitter account of the iconic CS 1.6 knife in CS: GO with a #TBT (which means Throw Back Thursday). However, the CS 1.6 knife has clearly been ported into the game from the video and maybe the TBT could hint at it releasing next Thursday…

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Fans are going crazy over this “announcement” on Twitter, thanking Valve for finally bringing the CS 1.6 knife to CS: GO. At the time of writing, it is unclear if when the knife will release and if it will be part of a bigger update, where Valve could bring back even more classics, such as the CS 1.5 knife.

The tweet above is the only information right now from Valve, but it is still glorious to watch in action. Maybe a case filled with classic cosmetic looks could get released as part of a new update, or a new Operation could finally appear. Speculation aside, Valve is clearly working on something more than some map balance changes for the game right now and the knife is without a doubt the best way to hype up the player base.

There’s just so much history to the knife for anyone who played the game back in the day and watched all the amazing esports tournaments.

We will keep you updated if anything more gets revealed by Valve about a possible, exciting new update for the game.

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What do you think about Valve finally bringing the classic CS 1.6 knife to the game? Let us know in the comment section below and share your best (or worst) memories of this iconic knife with us.


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