CTR: Crash Team Racing Remastered To Be Announced This Friday at The Game Awards 2018
Crash Team Racing Remastered
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A while back news broke that Activision was determined to revive the Crash Bandicoot series by releasing new games and remasters all the way up to 2021. It seems that the next release would be the mega-popular CTR: Crash Team Racing Remastered.

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Earlier this week the Crash Bandicoot Facebook page changed its cover photo to a waving flag which is you ever played CTR you would remember this being the loading screen for the game. Before that, there was another teaser image with Crash scratching his head with the dates 12.06.2018.

Last night yet another teaser was spotted through Hollie Bennett from PlayStation Access that released a photo of a fluffy dice that had the caption “Sliding into the Game Awards on 6/12…- Anonymous.” These dice are usually found in cars, hanging from your mirror.

It seems that CTR: Crash Team Racing will be announced at the game awards on Friday as everything that has been teased is quite clearly the game. CTR: Crash Team Racing released back in 1999 on the original PlayStation and it rivalled the popular Mario Kart of its day. Developer Naughty Dog, who is now known for the Uncharted and The Last of Us series developed the game and it was a huge success. If you owned a PlayStation you probably played the game.

We have what feels like forever to wait for Friday as so far we know Obsidian Entertainment will be revealing a new RPG, The Avengers Project will officially be revealed, Batman: Court of Owls may make an appearance and much, much more.






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