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Cyberpunk 2077 External QA Team Reportedly Fooled CD Projekt Red Regarding Experience

Cyberpunk 2077 launched to a multitude of issues and it seems there is a new report that suggests that the external QA testing company hired to work on the title, may have misled developer CD Projekt RED over its experience. The testing was handled by Quantic Labs, a Romanian-based external QA company who has worked with the likes of Ubisoft, Techland and Deep Silver, and who was recently bought by The Embracer Group.

The report was given to Upper Echelon Gamers who allegedly received it from an internal employee at Quantic Labs, and it allegedly shows how Quantic Labs may have been partly responsible for the mess that Cyberpunk 2077 found itself in.

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Upper Echelon Gamers also stated they do believe the source to be real since they received a fair amount of convincing paperwork to prove that the source is in fact an employee at Quantic Labs. The list of documents includes a “72 page QA testing file, Quantic Labs human resources paperwork, workflow charts”. UEG stated that “I believe the source to be real. They have provided extensive evidence to support that fact and have made serious claims about the quality of QA activities at Quantic Lab”.

The report claims that while several members of the QA testing team were sent to CD Projekt RED to meet with the developers and discuss the QA process, Quantic Labs reportedly sent over junior staff members who had less than one year’s experience. CD Projekt RED, however, was under the impression that Quantic Labs had sent senior members of the QA team to meet them, but found out that the QA Project Lead themself only had around one year’s experience.

The report further suggests that the QA team was tasked with reporting at least 10 bugs per person per day, which led to CD Projekt RED being inundated with minor visual or performance bugs. The result is that major game-breaking issues were completely overlooked and by the time the developer asked Quantic Labs to stop focusing on minor issues, it was already too late to fix the larger issues.

“[Eventually] Quantic Lab was instructed specifically to stop sending through low priority bug finds and to focus on bigger issues. But the damage was already done and CD Projekt Red was already very unhappy.”

The problems were compounded when Quantic Labs intentionally deluded CD Projekt RED as to how many QA testers were actually working on the project, in order to secure or extend work contracts. According to the report, Quantic Labs expanded their team from 30 to 60 people, but again, those 30 new hires only had “weeks” of training, which impacted the more senior staff (who were still junior), creating more tension.

The issues that faced the title on launch were so severe that Sony actually removed the game’s listing from the PlayStation Store for over six months while it offered refunds to players. There was also a civil suit brought against developer CD Projekt RED by their own shareholders over the release state of the game.

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Source: Upper Echelon Gamers

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