There is no doubt that Cyberpunk 2077 looks incredible and we can’t wait to play it come 16 April 2020 when the game is set to release, even if we won’t be able to have sexy time with Keanu Reeves as Johnny Silverhand. We also know already that the game will receive free DLC after its launch but what exactly will the business model for Cyberpunk 2077 look like? Well, CD Projekt Red has touched on the subject and talked about how they feel regarding microtransactions. Spoiler alert: their stance is awesome.

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Speaking to GameSpot at PAX Australia, the head honcho the developer’s Krakow office, John Mamais, explained not only explained the stance of CD Projekt Red on microtransactions but also what type of Cyberpunk 2077 post-launch content plan we might expect. Note that Mr Mamais didn’t talk in absolutes but his comments give us a good idea of what to expect. In short, it looks like the Cyberpunk 2077 post-launch content plan could be very similar to that of The Witcher 3, which is awesome.

First speaking about post-launch microtransactions, Mr Mamais explained that:

I think it’s a bad idea to do microtransactions after you release a game. It seems like it’s very profitable, though, It’s probably a hard decision for the guy that runs the business to decide if we should do it or not. But if everyone hates it, why would we do something like that and lose the goodwill of our customers?

Then, Mr Mamais continued by talking about The Witcher 3 post-launch content business model and how they could replicate this with Cyberpunk 2077:

[The Witcher 3’s free DLC with big paid expansions] was a good model for us; it worked pretty well for The Witcher 3. I don’t see why we wouldn’t try to replicate that model with Cyberpunk 2077. We’re not talking about that yet, but it seems like that would be the smart way to go.

That’s a fantastic Cyberpunk 2077 post-launch content plan and the stance on microtransactions is a breath of fresh air in the industry right now.

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What do you think about the stance on microtransactions from CD Projekt Red? Let us know in the comment section below and check out the latest gameplay video for the game in case you missed it.

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