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Cyberpunk 2077 QA Tester Responds To Allegations it Misled CD Projekt Red

Yesterday, we reported that Quantic Labs – an external quality assurance company that was responsible for QA testing of Cyberpunk 2077 – misled developer CD Projekt RED about their experience levels, which reportedly contributed to the disastrous launch of the sci-fi RPG. Quantic Labs has since responded to the original report with a follow-up accusation against the person who filed the original claim, that they have a “lack of understanding … of a how a game is tested”.

Upper Echelon Gamers allegedly received a report from someone supposedly close to the project within Quantic Labs regarding the company’s involvement with the QA testing of Cyberpunk 2077. The documents reportedly show how the Romanian-based QA facility contributed to the terrible launch state of Cyberpunk 2077.

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Reportedly, CD Projekt RED believed that the QA testing was to be overseen by a senior team of testers with significant amount of experience behind them. The report suggests that the team that met with the developers comprised junior-level QA testers who barely had a year’s experience in QA testing. Further, it is claimed that the QA project lead themselves also had less than a year’s experience.

It is also claimed that Quantic Labs then misled CD Projekt RED further regarding the amount of testers working on the project in order to extend contracts, and when an additional 30 members joined the team, they hadn’t much more than “weeks of experience”.

Quantic Labs has since responded to these claims (thanks VGC), where CEO Stefan Seicarescu stated that “the company always strives to work with transparency and integrity with our industry partners”. According to the response, Seicarescu did not inherently deny the allegations made against Quantic Labs, though he did claim that the report itself was inaccurate, and that the creator showed little understanding of how the QA testing process work.

“The video published on social media as mentioned in your article starts with incorrect statements about Quantic Lab’s history. There seems to be a lack of understanding in the process of how a game is tested before its release to the market.”

Seicarescu further stated that other third parties were also to blame for the horrendous launch state of Cyberpunk 2077 which led to the game being pulled off the PlayStation store for six months and even a civil suit against its shareholders.

“All our customer agreements are confidential but in general, global publishers are working with several QA outsourcing companies, not depending solely on one, in addition to internal QA resources at developer level in most cases.

Each project we undertake is unique with regard project requirements. Project direction is agreed and adjusted accordingly as per real time requirements with our clients.

Quantic Lab always strives to work with transparency and integrity with our industry partners.”

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