Dark Souls 3 With Assault Rifles is The Best New Way To Play The Game
Dark Souls 3 With Assault Rifles is The Best New Way To Play The Game
Dark Souls 3 Gun Assault Rifle Mod

Have you played Dark Souls 3 over a dozen times as we have? Do you need a change in gameplay? Well, you can now add rifles to Dark Souls 3 for a more shooty-shooty gameplay experience. The Dark Souls 3 gun Modern Firearm Mod released back in June and has seen some notable revisions since. After installing the mod, players can equip a load of ranged weapons including a Vector SBR, AK-47, M16, Thompson SMG, Shotgun, MP5 and even a sniper rifle.

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Now, we know the Dark Souls 3 gun mod is just a glorified way to shoot arrows but the attention to detail makes it great. Most weapons have an alternate fire mode that lets you handle them in one or two hands with improved accuracy and lower stamina cost. In addition, handling in one hand enables a semi-automatic firing mode for higher damage and accuracy but at the cost of stamina and fire rate.

The Dark Souls 3 assault rifle mod also includes some pretty-great models of weapons along with authentic sound effects too. Best of all, you feel pretty badass walking up towards a dragon with an Ak-47 in your hand. It kind of gives me Sucker Punch 2011 movie fantasy. The official description reads;

This mod replaced all the crossbows with automatic and semi-automatic modern firearms.
All the crossbow animations are also adjusted with faster firing rate, prepartion time, new vfx and firing sound.
I didn’t touch the data0.bdt, so it theoretically should be compatible with other big mods.(But not my hunter’s combat though. It will be weird and you cannot gun parry enemy if you do so….)
All weapons (except sniper rifle) can switch between automatic and semi-automatic mode by dual-handing the weapon.
When dual-handed, the weapon will be automatic.
By holding the attack button, player can fire arrows/bullets quickly with less damage, less stamina cost and less accuracy.
When single-handed, the weapon will be semi-automatic.
In this mode, player’s projectile will have normal damage, accuracy and stamina cost, with slighty slower firing rate.
Weapon replacement information:
Light crossbow -> Vector
Heavy crossbow-> AK
Knight crossbow-> M16
Repeating crossbow -> Thompson smg
Sniper crossbow -> RE Sniper rifle
Avelyn ->MP5
Arbalest -> RE Shotgun
It is not a balanced mod, and is just made for fun.
Time has changed, my lord!

Curious to see what it is all about? Watch a video down below;

Gaming | PC | Dark Souls 3 With Assault Rifles is The Best New Way To Play The Game
Gaming | PC | Dark Souls 3 With Assault Rifles is The Best New Way To Play The Game






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