Darksiders III File Size and Review Embargo Revealed
Darksiders III
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Darksiders 3 releases this tomorrow, 27 November 2018 and it is looking good. The game follows Fury, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse as she hunts down the Seven Deadly Sins across various worlds. The game is a sequel to the highly acclaimed Darksiders II which means it follows the traditional God of War-like combat approach with its gorgeous open world design and fantastic cel-shaded art style.

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Those of you who are worried about storage space if you have pre-ordered the game and waiting for it to start downloading never fear, the PS4 file size has been revealed and it is coming in at 20.25GB. The game seems to be just over 20GB across all platforms as the PC version comes in at 25GB, according to Steam’s system requirements, and the Xbox One version is at 19,32GB.

We will hopefully have a review up for the game as soon as we get our hands on it but be warned, hold back until you have seen more of Darksiders III before you pre-order. The lack of gameplay trailers and hands-on impressions is worrying and I cannot help but be concerned that THQ is trying to hide the game away from the public. Review embargoes for Darksiders III drops today at 13:00 SA time, so keep an eye out for the reviews.

If you don’t care what the critics think then you can pre-order the game on the following marketplaces below. Yes, the PS4 version is, of course, higher than every other platform.

  • Darksiders III (Steam) – R769
  • Darksiders III (Xbox One) – R599
  • Darksiders III (PS4) – R929

Check out the latest trailer of the game below where we get to see Fury’s horse, Rampage in action;

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