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Dauntless Leaves Early Access With 15 Million Players

The free-to-play monster hunting title from Pheonix Labs, Dauntless, has been in Early Access for a very long time but the game has constantly been improving. Now, Dauntless has finally moved into a full release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One with an expansion called Aether Unbound. The developer also announced that Dauntless now has over 15 million players, which is a huge number by any standard.

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The Dauntless player base grew from 10 million to 15 million in just four months and with the new content, this number should increase even further. Developer Pheonix Labs also made a variety of quality-of-life changes, UI improvements, fixed several bugs and more in the game’s big new update.

Check out the highlights of the Aether Unbound update below:

  • New weapon – The aether strikers are a pugilist’s weapon and the latest to join the Slayer arsenal.
  • Bounty system – Take advantage of a new, more flexible way to earn Hunt Pass experience. This feature replaces weekly challenges and the Hunt Pass break part system.
  • New Dire Behemoth – Tempestborne Stormclaw has arrived in the Shattered Isles, wreaking havoc with its powerful storms. Look for the newest Dire on the Hunt Board.
  • New Hunt Pass – A new season begins, and a new Hunt Pass follows. Prepare to unleash your inner power in Aether Unbound: Way of the Fist.
  • Twin Suns Mastery – The Twin Suns exotic repeaters now have an official Mastery card. Open up your Mastery menu (‘N’ on PC) to see what challenges await.
  • Skip scene – Not interested in watching a cutscene? Slayers will now see an on-screen option to skip past cinematic scenes.
  • Aether strikers quest – New weapon. New quest. You’ll get this one around the same time you pick up your first repeaters quest for Janek Zai.
  • A friendly excursion – Also new on the quest front is “Friends Indeed,” a limited-time quest that challenges Slayers to hunt with their friends and earn exclusive dyes. Be sure to complete it before time runs out!

Keep in mind that the game is free-to-play so if you haven’t checked out Dauntless from Pheonix Labs, then now is the perfect time with the Aether Unbound update that pushes the game from Early Access to a full release.

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Have you tried this free-to-play game yet or do you plan on giving it a shot with the new Dauntless update? Let us know in the comment section below.

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