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Days Gone Creative Director Blames “Woke Reviewers” For Negative Reviews

Days Gone launched back in 2019 and while both PlayStation and PC players can still download and enjoy it, the game’s negative media reception at launch still ripples its way through the industry every now and then. You see, while many of us enjoyed Days Gone back in the day, a lot of media criticized it for having a bland plot and repetitive gameplay. The negativity ultimately forced Sony to abandon the IP confirming that the Days Gone sequel was cancelled.

Two years ago both creative directors on the project left Sony Bend Studios. Both Jeff Ross and John Garvin departed on some nasty terms after lashing out against so-called “social justice warriors” who reviewed the game negatively. Garvin is still quite bitter about the whole ordeal and has now blamed the “woke media” for the negative reception of Days Gone at launch.

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Garvin tweeted out three reasons why Days Gone had negative scores at launch. Reason 1 – It has tech issues like bugs and frame rate problems.  2 – he claims that reviewers didn’t even bother to play the game. Lastly, Garvin says “it had woke reviewers who couldn’t handle a gruff white biker looking at his date’s ass”.

John Garvin, for some reason, keeps blaming the modern world for Days Gone’s failure. He has constantly spoken out about how games media has become “too woke”. According to his theory, Days Gone failed because the media didn’t appreciate a straight white male lead. Not because the game was just bland in general.

The ex-creative director has since deleted his tweet after backlash from fans.  Many of them defended the low review scores the game got at launch. The best response is in the form of a meme which perfectly describes Garvin’s tired and overused attitude towards the game.

At this rate, I don’t think John Garvin will ever get over the fact that maybe, Days Gone was just bad and it was his fault. He’ll continue to find excuses and pass the blame to others.

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  • Anonymous 8 December 2022

    It’s those darn reviewers! That’s what’s wrong with this game, please ignore everything that’s actually wrong with the game. Let me guess, there’d be fewer bad reviews if we stopped with the reviews, right? What a prig.

  • Johnny2 30 April 2023

    IT is not a bad game in 2023, Reason 1 – There are zero tech issues or frame drops on a 7900 XT. Reason 2, reviewers who played this year liked playing the game. Reason 3 woke gamers and or reviewers don’t care beeing woke (or not) in a virtual world with zombies etc etc.

    And reason 4, it seems all console ports by Sony are *(re)benchmarked with Amd Gpu’s (6000-7000 series) to prove the ports are playable with these cards.
    (Last of us Part 1, Uncharted Legacy, etc)

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