Days Gone Day One Patch, Install Size and Media Kit Details Revealed
Days Gone
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The upcoming PS4 exclusive, Days Gone is releasing on 26 April 2019 and over the next few weeks, now that ourselves and other media outlets have the game, you will most likely see a lot more about it on the net. 

The first set of news comes in the form of the game’s install size, and other day-one information that you should know about. First off is the embargo. Media outlets around the globe have been sampled with the game as the review phase is in full swing. Expect Days Gone reviews live on 25 April at 14:00 South African time. 

Along with the embargo is the media kit. We were given a pretty cool media kit toolbox which you can watch us unbox below. 

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Days Gone will take up 67Gb of storage on your PS4 and you can start the game after 27GB of the game has downloaded. Pre-load has yet to begin but it should be ready within a few days prior to launch. Sony has also released a day one patch for the game which includes a few bug fixes. The game is now currently on patch 1.02.

You will also be able to start watching Days Gone streams beginning on 22 April 2019. However, these streams will be limited to specific parts of the game and restricted to a certain length to avoid any spoilers.

Days Gone releases on 26 April 2019 only on PS4. Stay tuned to for everything on Days Gone leading up to the game’s worldwide launch.






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