Days Gone Lead Says “Don’t Complain if There’s No Sequel if You Didn’t Buy it Full Price”
"If you don't support the game, don't complain"
Days Gone Review
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Last week we reported on the news that a Days Gone sequel, which was originally pitched at Sony back in 2019, was turned down and cancelled. John Garvin, the creative director and lead writer for Days Gone has now spoken out about the project and touched on the recent media storm that saw players and fans rally behind the game in support. However, he does not have a lot of nice things to say about the situation.

Speaking to game designer David Jaffe on a recent episode of Jaffe’s YouTube show, John Garvin commented on the recent addition of Days Gone on the PlayStation Plus lineup for April. Garvin was asked whether or not he has seen an uptick in engagement since the game was added.


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Garvin’s response was not expected as the lead designer ripped on players who don’t buy games at the full price but rather wait until launch or for the game to be free before jumping in. He said:

“I do have an opinion on something that your audience may find of interest, and it might piss some of them off,” Garvin replied. “If you love a game, buy it at fucking full price. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen gamers say ‘yeah, I got that on sale, I got it through PS Plus, whatever’.”

Jaffe replied by asking how players are supposed to know they love a game until they have played it. Garvin replied:

“I’m just saying, you don’t, but don’t complain if a game doesn’t get a sequel if it wasn’t supported at launch,” Garvin replied. “It’s like, God of War got whatever number millions of sales at launch and, you know, Days Gone didn’t. Just speaking for me personally as a developer, I don’t work for Sony, I don’t know what the numbers are.

“I can tell you that when we were doing Dark Mirror , we got so fucked on Dark Mirror because piracy was a thing and Sony wasn’t really caught up on what piracy was doing to sales.

“And we would show them torrents, a torrent site had 200,000 copies of Dark Mirror being downloaded. If I remember it right, the numbers could be wrong, but regardless, I was pissed about it then, I was like ‘this is money out of my pocket’.

“So I think the uptick in engagement with the game is not as important as, did you buy the game at full price? Because if you did, then that’s supporting the developers directly.”

We know that the Days Gone sequel will not be happening and it is mainly due to the low sales numbers of the original game. While it did sell well, its initial reception was not up to Sony’s standard and they won’t be moving on with a sequel for the game.

While Garvin has a point, you can’t fund a game sequel if gamers get games for free or pay next to nothing for it, he also makes it sound like it is the gamer’s fault Days Gone won’t be getting a sequel. What do you reckon? Let us know down below.

Source: YouTube

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