Have you pre-ordered Days Gone? If so you can now start downloading the game ahead of its release this Friday, 26 April 2019. According to online reports, the Days Gone pre-load is now live for users who have pre-ordered the game.

The Days Gone Pre-load requires you to download 27GB of the overall 67GB in order to boot up the game. You will most likely be able to play it for a while before needing the rest of the data in order to continue.

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Days Gone comes in at 67Gb which if you are downloading the game, will include the massive day one update of 21.42GB but you won’t need to download it as the digital game has it already installed into the package. If you are picking up the retail edition, then you will have to sit through the download if you want to experience the game running on its latest version.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sROmSLrgJIk”]

The patch notes for the update did not reveal much other than it fixing bugs and improvements so you won’t be missing much if you choose to boot it up before you have finished the download.

Days Gone releases on Friday, 26 April only on PS4. We will have our full review of the game up tomorrow at 14:00 South African time along with a full video review that will be spoiler-free. We will also be hosting a Days Gone stream tomorrow night of the first two hours of the game so make sure you check out Glitched Africa on Facebook and YouTube to tune in.


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