Sony has announced a load of PlayStation Days of Play deals for South Africans. Every year, the company hosts the annual sale where gamers can pick up consoles, games and accessories at some great discount prices. In addition, there are some great deals this year, especially on accessories. This includes the PS4 Gold Wireless Headset (and the fancy Rose Gold one) for R999. You can also pick up a DualShock 4 V2 Controller for R899.


PlayStation Plus 12-month memberships are also on sale.

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We have listed the current deals down below. In addition, more deals will be added in the coming days. However, the stock is also limited so if you are looking at something, grab it before its gone.

The Days of Play sale begins on 3 June 2020 and ends on 17 June 2020. Keep in mind that the prices have not been changed at the listed retailers and should be updated when the sale kicks off this week. 

Days of Play Console and Hardware deals

  • PS4 500GB + GTA + Days Gone + God of War + 90-day PS+ – R5,299 (was R6,199)
  • PS4 Slim 1TB + DualShock 4 – R5,999 (was R6,599)
  • PS VR Mega Pack 2 – R4,499 (was R5,999)
    • PlayStation Camera
    • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR
    • Astro Bot Rescue Mission
    • Resident Evil 7
    • Everybody’s Golf VR
    • PlayStation VR Worlds

PlayStation Plus

  • PlayStation Plus 12-Month Membership – R524


  • DualShock 4 (Black, Green Camo, Magma Red, Steel Black, Wave Blue, White) – R899 (was R1,199)
  • PS4 Black Gold Wireless Headset – R999 (was R1,799)
  • PS4 Rose Gold Wireless Headset – R999 (R1,799)
  • PS4 Platinum Wireless Headset – R1,999 (was R2,999)
  • PS4 Controller Charging Station – R399 (was R599
  • PlayStation Move Controller Twin Pack – R999 (was R1,499)


  • Medievil Remastered – R299 (was R499)
  • Minecraft – R299 (was R499)
  • Minecraft Bedrock Edition- R299 (was R499)
  • Concrete Genie – R399 (was R599)
  • Dreams – R399 (was R599)
  • Death Stranding – R499 (was R999)
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man – R499 (was R655)
  • Nioh 2 – R599 (was R999)
  • DOOM Eternal (PS4) – R799 (was R999)
  • DOOM Eternal (Xbox One) – R799 (was R999)
  • Predator: Hunting Grounds – R599 (was R670)
  • Resident Evil 3 (PS4) – R699 (was R865)
  • Resident Evil 4 (Xbox One) – R699 (was R865)


We will update you when more sales are announced later this week.

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