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Dbrand Makes Cringe Switch Zelda Clone With Awkward Messaging

Dbrand has released a series of custom Zelda Switch decals which you can use to turn your standard Nintendo Switch into a Zelda-themed model. The decals are very much the same as the ones you’ll find on the Special Edition Zelda OLED console which we have unboxed in the past here.

While Dbrand is known for challenging companies when it comes to making custom console accessories, the latest Zelda lineup is a sad cry for attention. Dbrand has, in the past, been quite vocal about how it feels towards tech brands. Its PS5 faceplates caused some controversy with Sony and almost led to a lawsuit after the Dbrand was served a cease and desist forcing them to stop producing alternate plates before Sony announced its own.

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While the PS5 faceplate drama was warranted, Dbrand’s new Zelda approach is just sad and cringe. The company made the decals, which look pretty cool but hid unnecessary rude messaging on them to show a middle finger to Nintendo.

On the dock, there’s a code written on it that says “GO FUCK YOURSELF, LAWYERS”. On the other side of the circle, it says “THIS FUNDS OUR LEGAL DEFENSE”.

The description titled “The Power of Plagiarism” also overshares Dbrand’s “edgy” attitude towards Nintendo’s new OLED console. It says that players should give them their money instead of supporting a “litigious” company.

It explains that the decals only cost a few dollars so you’ll save $310 by purchasing stickers instead of the actual console.

Contrary to popular belief, you need to spend money to save money – specifically, by giving it to us. You see, when one of the world’s most litigious companies announces a $359.99 price tag to replace your Switch with a limited edition variant, only Dbrand is up to the challenge of charging you slightly less for a ‘creative reinterpretation’ of their overpriced novelty console. If a dollar saved is a dollar earned, Clone of the Kingdom is the easiest $310.04 you’ve ever made.”

While it is nice to see Dbrand offering a cheaper alternative way to own the Zelda Switch OLED, the company’s approach is incredibly cringe. To sell “stickers” as a better way to own an actual limited edition console is a far stretch. Dbrand’s overly offensive approach to this sticker set is clearly a publicity stunt and its edgy attitude towards a special edition console is a sad cry for attention (and sales).

Its previous attitude towards Sony’s faceplate fiasco was definitely warranted after the company threatened legal action against Dbrand for producing faceplates before Sony got around to it. Sony should allow third-party accessories to be sold online. But to include crass words on a sticker set without a reason yet is desperate. Well, in my opinion anyway.

If you want to buy the sticker set you can grab what Dbrand calls “The Clone of the Kingdom” here.

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  • Randall 18 May 2023

    I don’t think “sad cry for attention” is a very incisive way to describe what Dbrand did here. I’ve never had any interest in anything they sell, but this one made me smile. I grew up on NES, SNES, and N64 and was always a Nintendo kid. As an adult, their notorious litigiousness has really turned me off. Nintendo and it’s games have had a massive impact on gaming and culture, and the company’s often acrimonious relationship with its fandom is disappointing. It is a sad irony that the company that most aggressively cultivates a ‘family friendly’ image is also the one most likely to go after kids and charities with their lawsuits and cease and desist orders. For many of us long time fans, an icon of our childhood has become a symbol for corporate greed- grubbing for every penny with no compassion or respect for those whose fandom put Nintendo where it is.

    Will I buy it? No, because I don’t own a Switch or plan to. But, frankly, I like what they did here. Keeping throwing pebbles at Goliath, Dbrand. He deserves it.

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