Dead by Daylight Gets Awesome Pyramid Head Silent Hill DLC

Dead by Daylight Silent Hill
Dead by Daylight Gets Awesome Pyramid Head Silent Hill DLC

Dead by Daylight has announced a new collaboration with the iconic Silent Hills series. Starting today on the public test server and heading to the main game at a later stage, players will be able to play as Cheryl Mason and the Pyramid Head. The new cross-over content marks the second time the popular video game has included another horror game as DLC. The first was in 2017 with Left 4 Dead’s Bill as a playable character.

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The Dead By Daylight Silent Hill content includes Cheryl (or Heather from Silent Hill 3), Pyramid Head and a new map based on the Midwich Elementary School from the first Silent Hill game. Yes, that school that gave everyone nightmares back in the day. The new map will be free for all players regardless of them owning the upcoming DLC. However, if you want to play as Cheryl or Pyramid Head, you will have to fork out some money to unlock them.

Pyramid Head is a new frightening addition to the game. He includes some new powerful abilities that let players summon the powers of Silent Hill in the form of a trench. Players who enter this trench will be afflicted with a new “Tormented” status debuff. This debuff will see players immediately get teleported to a hook when captured by the killer.

As for the new map, it has been reimagined while at the same time should be familiar to players who have played the original game before. The new Dead by Daylight Silent Hill DLC is now available on the PTS and will arrive on PC and consoles on 16 June 2020.

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