Dead by Daylight Gets New Resident Evil Content in “Project W”

"Coming later this year"

Dead By Daylight Resident Evil Project W
Dead by Daylight Gets New Resident Evil Content in “Project W”

Dead by Daylight is getting another Resident Evil crossover. If you’re not familiar with the video game, it pits four survivors against one deadly killer. The survivors need to well, survive while completing tasks around the map without being captured and killed by the horrific creatures and serial killers included in the game. This new Dead By Daylight Resident Evil content is actually not the first to take place. In fact, last year Capcom and Starbreeze released a Nemesis chapter that featured the infamous creature from Resident Evil 3, Nemesis along with Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine.

The new Resident Evil content pack now includes Albert Wesker as the killer and Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers as the survivors. Wesker features his iconic tentacle powers and will find all sorts of creative ways to kill the survivors.

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The new Dead by Daylight Project W content is set to launch later this year. Players can purchase the Wesker, Ada and Rebecca separately or grab the original Resident Evil content with the latest batch of characters together in a franchise bundle. No pricing and exact release date have been announced yet.

The Dead By Daylight team is also making some changes to the previously-released Raccoon Police Department map. The developers say the map will soon be split into two. Built around the West and East wings. This means the map is going to be much smaller in size.

Catch up on the announcement below.

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