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Dead Island 2 Gets New Extended Gameplay Look

We are about two months away from playing Dead Island 2 and as we edge closer to the launch on 21 April, the developers at Deep Silver Dambuster Studios are sharing new gameplay details for the upcoming zombie game. The latest comes in the form of a fifteen-minute extended gameplay look which touches on the game’s world, some zombie variants, how different weapons can dismember zombies in different ways and even some character builds.

In the demo, the player is seen exploring the wealthy residential area of Beverly Hills. It seems that most houses are fully explorable to the player as they can walk in and out and even use them as shortcuts to their destination.

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Along the way, the player encounters zombies in the way and uses all sorts of weapons to get around them. The player shoots the legs off of a zombie only to have it incapacitated on the floor. The player can also slash arms and legs off zombies too. However, the real excitement in Dead Island 2 comes from using their environment to your advantage.

Shocking zombies walking in the water electrocute them. Players can find ways to wet the area around them or even use puddles formed by the damage of the world. There are also loads of things that go BOOM in Dead Island 2 meaning you’ll always find an explosive barrel around to toss at a group and watch them get blown apart.

Apart from the world, Dead Island 2’s weapon crafting system was also a focus in the demo. The video shows the player crafting all sorts of weird and wonderful weapon types. These include electric claws, giant mallets, swords, axes, explosive hammers and more. Each weapon type unlocks new ways to kill the undead and cool-looking finishers.

Lastly, the demo touches briefly on the Dead Island 2 card system. This acts as the game’s character abilities and skills. You can stack the same cards to enhance attacks and equip high-damage cards to wield even deadlier abilities. The demo doesn’t do a great job of expanding on this system. However, we get to see some ground-pound attacks knock zombies over as a result of equipping the card.

Check out the video down below. Dead Island 2 is set to launch on 21 April for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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