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Dead Island 2 Goes Gold – Gets Earlier Release Date

Dead Island 2 is actually done. As in it is finished development and it is actually going to be a game we will get to play (unless the world implodes or something at this point). The game was first announced back in 2014 and has since been trapped in development hell. Dead Island 2 was passed between developers like a hooka pipe and saw multiple reboots and delays. However, the game has officially gone gold under Dambuster Studios’ watch.

There is even better news. Dead Island 2 will also release a week earlier than expected. The new release date for Dead Island 2 is 21 April 2023. This is bumped forward from the game’s initial 28 April date.

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I have covered Dead Island 2 a lot on the site. From its original state to its new reveal which took place late last year. I have been eagerly waiting for this sequel ever since the original game. Dead Island 2 is an open-world zombie smasher set in a version of Los Angeles which has been overrun by the undead. You’ll need to kill them in all ways possible.

The game features a cast of new characters with unique skills to master. Along with its robust weapon crafting system, Dead Island 2 is also the first game to include Alexa Game Control. This means gamers can speak to their game and issue commands which initiate specific things. For example, you can say “equip my sword” and the game will do just that.

Dead Island 2 is now set to launch on 21 April for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Watch the most recent gameplay trailer below:

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