Dead Island 2 – Missing: Davis Lost and Found Guide

Dead Island 2 has a good amount of side quests to tackle but its Lost and Found missions require a bit of detective work. One Lost and Found mission that you’ll encounter fairly late in the game sees you setting out to find another possible survivor in peril. Here’s a quick guide on how to complete the Missing: Davis Lost and Found mission and the steps you’ll need to take to clear it.

To get the ball rolling, start by heading to the Serling Hotel on Ocean Avenue and picking up the “Missing: Davis” poster to the left of Denise, near the wheelchairs. Looks like a man named Davis and his college buddies have been sent on a bus trip to Venice Beach in the hopes of securing a means of evacuation. His mother, concerned for her son’s safety after not hearing back from him, tasks you with heading to his last known location to potentially provide her with some peace of mind. Sounds easy enough.

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Travel to Venice Beach, specifically the far right of the map, right next to the eastern zone exit. Here you’ll come across an overturned bus. After dealing with any approaching undead, crouch and enter through its broken front window. Once you’ve climbed out the hole where the rear window used to live, you’ll be presented with multiple buses – each one potentially housing whatever remains of Davis and company.

Dead Island 2 Missing: Davis Lost and Found Guide

Thankfully, the only thing you need to be concerned about here is the bus ahead of you with its doors already open. Located on the steps of the right doorway is a lootable journal containing an exchange between Davis and a friend in which he mentions he missed the Venice Beach bus, instead boarding the one headed for the Pier with the goal of sharing his newly created powder (containing supposed medicinal properties) with the CDC.

Dead Island 2 Missing: Davis Lost and Found Guide

It’s time to pop on over to the Pier/Santa Monica. Your target is to the north-east, right next to the Hot Dog Shack. Follow the fence all the way to the left until you reach the parking area. There is a gap in the fencing here – crouch and enter.

Dead Island 2 Missing: Davis Lost and Found Guide

You may run into a Screamer at this point, so come prepared for that nonsense. Once you’ve taken care of business, head left and around the three buses until you reach a series of portable toilets. Defeat the enemies that appear, including the now totally zombified Davis. Finally, loot all the dropped goodies to complete the mission. For your sleuthing troubles you’ll receive some experience points as well as an Improvised Hammer.

Dead Island 2 Missing: Davis Lost and Found Guide

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