Dead Island 2 Missing Jamal Lost and Found Guide
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Dead Island 2 – Missing: Jamal Lost and Found Guide

Now that Dead Island 2 is out, prospective slayers the world over can finally walk the streets of Hell-A, taking in the sights and dismembering a few hundred zombies while they’re at it. In addition to the expected main and side content on offer, an additional category of Lost and Found missions can be embarked upon. These investigative endeavours see you following various clues on a quest to find a specific object or person. Here’s a brief guide on how to complete the “Missing: Jamal” Lost and Found mission.

Trigger this mission by picking up the “Missing: Jamal” note pinned to the wall left of Denise, near the Serling Hotel’s survivor HQ entrance. According to the text, a man named Ethan wants you to locate his best friend, Jamal, who was last seen (presumably) dutifully performing his job somewhere around the Halperin Hotel’s security guard hut. That’s all you have to go on at the moment, so head on down to the Halperin to begin your search.

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From the Janitor’s Office fast travel point, turn around and head down the flight of stairs. Once outside, pass through the gap in the fencing to the left of the blue van. This area will likely be crawling with the undead, so keep your wits about you as you enter.

Dead Island 2 Missing Jamal Lost and Found Guide

There are two security guard huts here for you to investigate. Hut number one is immediately to your right as you enter (see image below) and will require you to break two locks to gain access. Make sure to take out the alarm just above and to the right of the doorway before going ahead with any lock destruction.

Dead Island 2 Missing Jamal Lost and Found Guide

The first lock is on the outer right wall of the structure, the other is inside the hut itself. After destroying lock number one, kick in the window behind the hut and either shoot or throw a curveball at the second lock to destroy it. Enter the now unlocked hut and pick up the “Employee Vehicle Register” journal sticking out of the nearby file cabinet. Examine its contents to find out that Jamal drives a red pickup truck bearing the license plate number 8TGPCV7. One hut down, one to go.

Head west of the first hut until you reach a gap in some fencing. Crouch and pass through.

Dead Island 2 Missing Jamal Lost and Found Guide

Follow the path until you see two buses parked to your left. Hut number two is located to the right of the far end of the vehicles – you may even see a zombie banging on the door as you approach. As with the first security hut, destroy the alarm to the right above the doorway and break the lock on the outside right wall.

Dead Island 2 Missing Jamal Lost and Found Guide

Lastly, take out the back window and either shoot or throw something at the second lock to gain entry. Go inside and pick up the “Our Fellow Security Guard” journal on the floor. Reading the text exchange reveals that Jamal took off in his truck, much to the confusion and annoyance of his co-workers. He couldn’t have gotten too far, given the current state of Los Angeles.

You’ll find Jamal’s vehicle in the huge crater to the far east of the zone’s map, situated on top of a Slobber hot spot. As you approach, a couple of zombies will arrive on the scene. One of them will drop Jamal’s Crate Key, so keep an eye out for it.

Dead Island 2 Missing Jamal Lost and Found Guide

Dead Island 2 Missing Jamal Lost and Found Guide

Your slayer should also make a small remark when the item appears. Pick it up after taking care of business and head for the vehicle. Unlock the stash on the back of the pickup truck to complete the mission. Optionally, you can also loot the nearby container for some extra ammunition and read the mission’s final journal entry – “Bye, Ethan.” You’ll get some experience points for completing your search.

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Written by Ryan Pretorius

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