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Dead Island 2 – Missing: Laura Lost and Found Guide

Dead Island 2 has finally arrived after nearly a decade of anticipation and alongside the typical main and side missions on offer, Hell-A gives you the opportunity to play detective through a series of Lost and Found objectives. These entirely optional tasks see you running around the various in-game maps on a quest to locate a specific object (or individual) in exchange for a reward. This short guide explains how to go about completing the Missing: Laura Lost and Found mission.

Triggering the search is as easy as picking up the note pinned to the wall near the entrance to the Serling Hotel survivor HQ, to the left of where Denise usually keeps watch. Apparently, a girl named Laura and her friend have been arrested and dragged into the Venice Beach police station after they laid their hands on some guys who were giving them trouble. Not too long afterwards, zombies flooded the premises. You are to head to the station and attempt to locate the two women, both hopefully still in one piece.

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Travel to Venice Beach and head towards the bottom right of your map. The station is right beside the large police badge image, west of a Crusher hot spot location. Take out any roaming zombies around the entrance – be careful not to accidentally set off any of the nearby car alarms, lest you alert more of the community to your presence.

Dead Island 2 Missing: Laura Lost and Found Guide

Stepping inside the building, you’ll notice the staff-only area is blocked off by a double maglock. Head into the next-door bathroom (you may be jumpscared here by the current occupant) and destroy the lock up on the left wall however you please. Back out of the room and peer over the counter to the left side of the locked door. Break lock number two with a gunshot or curveball and enter the now unrestricted area.

WARNING: Do not, under any circumstances, quit the game while standing anywhere in the staff-only part of the building. Upon loading back in, there is a high probability of you being unable to leave the area as the locks you destroyed earlier will have magically repaired themselves. The only way out is to find some way to kill your character, allowing you to respawn outside the station. There may be some of those exploding zombies trapped in there with you – one behind the locked door to the left of the cells – so make good use of them to inflict plenty of damage to your slayer. If you fail, quit to the main menu and try again. Good luck!

Dead Island 2 Missing: Laura Lost and Found Guide

Attempting to open either of the cell doors on the right side of the hallway will inform you that you need to find a key. Head into the office opposite the cells and pick up the “Keeper of the Keys” journal on the desk directly in front of you as you enter.

To the left of the metal lockers is another journal titled “Arrest Notes of Detainees”. Read both entries. You now know that Laura and her friend were placed into the first cell, as well as who currently holds the keys – Chief Malloy. Feel free to grab cell number two’s key off the nearby desk and explore it for yourself. The only objects of note inside are a relief crate and another undead friend waiting to ruin your day.

Dead Island 2 Missing: Laura Lost and Found Guide

Time to go zombie cop hunting. Head north-east of the police station to the next objective marker (Venice Hot Dog), just under the image of a shark holding a surfboard on your map, to take Malloy out and grab the cell key he drops. He’s not likely to pose a serious threat, but the zombies that may accompany his arrival could mess you up if you take them too lightly.

Dead Island 2 Missing: Laura Lost and Found Guide

With cell key in hand, sprint back to the station and unlock the door to learn of Laura and her friend’s fate. Once you’ve done what needs to be done, don’t forget to pick up and listen to this mission’s final journal, “Crying Wolf”. You’ll get some experience points for your trouble.

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Written by Ryan Pretorius

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