Dead Space Remake Official Gameplay Trailer

Dead Space Remake Gets First 18 Minutes of Extended Gameplay

Now that The Callisto Protocol is out, fans can look forward to the return of Dead Space with EA Motive’s upcoming remake. While we’ve received shorter gameplay videos in the past, we now have the full first 18 minutes of extended gameplay to enjoy which shows the familiar beginnings of the original game, only expanded in a few key areas.

The first 18 minutes of Dead Space gameplay goes through similar story beats to the original, including Nicole’s message to Isaac, his ship crashlanding on the Ishimura station and his first encounter with the terrifying necromorphs. However, it also brings a welcomed addition: Isaac is no longer a silent protagonist like in the original. It’s certainly refreshing and should put enough of a spin on the old formula to make the experience feel new this time.

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As mentioned, The Callisto Protocol recently released from Striking Distance Studios, comprised of several former Visceral Games developers that worked on the original Dead Space trilogy. EA Motive is a new studio aiming to bring fresh ideas to the series by significantly updating the original classic, though we’ll have to see how well that holds up when the full game launches. So far, it’s looking very promising with fantastic visuals and vastly improved gameplay.

It also marks a big return of the survival horror genre in gaming, which started with The Callisto Protocol and will continue with Dead Space, the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake, the Silent Hill 2 remake, Alan Wake II and many more.

In related news, EA Motive clarified a PS4 listing in its regional trailer as an error. The game is only expected to launch on current-gen consoles as well as PC. If you’re playing on PC, have a look at the minimum and recommended system requirements here.

Dead Space launches on 27 January 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Check out the first 18 minutes of gameplay below.

Source: IGN

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