Dead Space Remake in the Works at EA Motive – Report

"A remake not a reboot"

Dead Space Reimagining Dead Space Remake
Dead Space Remake in the Works at EA Motive – Report

Earlier this week we reported on the possibility of a Dead Space reimagining in development at EA Games. Rumours have been circling that the company is rebooting the series. However, now it seems that EA Motive is actually working on a remake of the original Dead Space.

The news first broke thanks to Gameatsu reporting on a so-called “reimaging”. Now, VentureBeat has confirmed the news saying that the game is a fully-fledged remake of the original game and not a reimagining. While EA does have plans to reboot the series through this remake, players should not expect a whole new Dead Space story and game.

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If you were waiting for a new Dead Space don’t feel bad. EA Motive is not simply porting the first game to current platforms. Instead, the developer is performing a full “Resident Evil 2 Remake” scenario on the title. This means that Dead Space is going to have a brand-new engine, new assets, soundtrack and all the bag of tricks.

VentureBeat claims that EA Motive has taken notes from Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake while working on the Dead Space game. However, the remake will not only look better than ever but will also incorporate new mechanics into it inspired by other entries in the series.

This Dead Space remake will also usher in the reintroduction to the series and according to reports, EA will most likely build upon it depending on the game’s success. Whether or not they will work on a dedicated Dead Space 2 game after that is still unclear. Perhaps they will go in a different direction. Right now it is just exciting to have the series back for a change. It is nice to see EA working on single-player games again instead of live-service ones.

EA is set to announce the Dead Space remake during its EA Play event on 22 July.

Source: VB

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