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Deadpool 3 Will Be Directed by Free Guy Director Shawn Levy

Deadpool 3 is finally moving ahead at Marvel Studios, and it looks like it has found its director. Free Guy and The Adam Project director Shawn Levy is in talks to direct the anticipated sequel, and it will mark the third time he’s working with actor Ryan Reynolds.

Reynolds recently revealed on his Twitter that Shawn Levy will direct Deadpool 3, following an article from The Hollywood Reporter. Levy previously worked with Reynolds on both aforementioned movies including serving as a producer on Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things.

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Disney acquired Fox a few years ago, including their various comic book IPs including X-Men and Deadpool. However, Marvel Studios have yet to officially introduce the merc with a mouth into the expanded Marvel Cinematic Universe, though studio boss Kevin Feige welcomes the idea.

The first two Deadpool films produced under Fox were R-rated, though it remains to be seen if Disney – which primarily keeps their movies PG or PG-13 for family-friendly viewing – will keep the third Deadpool movie R-rated or if they will change it to PG-13 too.

There’s some speculation that Deadpool will be introduced into the MCU via the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The character seemingly appears on the film’s poster in a shard of glass, which prompted fans to believe that Deadpool might make an appearance in the film.

That said, it’s good to see Fox properties finally making their way into the MCU. X-Men‘s Professor X actor Patrick Stewart is confirmed to appear in the Doctor Strange sequel, though we also previously saw “Quicksilver” actor Evan Peter appear in WandaVision, albeit as a bit of a troll move from Marvel Studios.

Deadpool 3 doesn’t have a release date yet, though it seems like casting is finally underway in some capacity.

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