R-Rated Marvel Films Like Deadpool Will Continue Under Disney

Fans of the awesome antihero, breaker of the fourth wall and all around deadly weirdo, Deadpool, will be happy to know that Disney acquiring 21st Century Fox won’t signal the end R-rated films. Fans were worried because most Disney stuff is PG13 and that simply wouldn’t work for Wade Wilson.

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Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, said recently that they are not planning on shutting down Fox’s production of R-rated films like Deadpool. That’s excellent news and let’s face it, both Deadpool films did fantastic at the cinemas, not to mention Hugh Jackman’s last outing as Wolverine, which was an exceptionally powerful R-rated film. When talking about R-rated Marvel film like Deadpool, Bob Iger reportedly said that:

We will continue in that business. There’s certainly popularity with those types of films.

Mr Iger then added that to preserve Disney’s wholesome image, these adults films will have to remain separate and that Disney will carefully brand the R-rated film as to not in any way confuse the consumer. It remains to be seen if the Deadpool films and Logan would come to the yet-to-be-released Disney+ service, but I highly doubt it due to the Disney name literally being in the service name. That’ wouldn’t be good for the image of the Disney brand.

With that being said, fans of Deadpool should be extremely happy as Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox did leave the fate our favourite foul-mouthed character in question.

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Are you happy that Disney will continue with the R-rated Marvel films after the acquisition of 21st Century Fox and are you a fan of the likes of Deadpool? Let us know in the comment section below.

Geek | R-Rated Marvel Films Like Deadpool Will Continue Under Disney
Geek | R-Rated Marvel Films Like Deadpool Will Continue Under Disney






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