Death or Glory Comic

Death or Glory Comic – An Emotional, High Stakes Ride Through the US

Before I start let me start off by saying that the Death or Glory comic is most definitely not a comic for children. If you were reading this to get ideas for someone under the age of, let’s say 16, then this is not the comic you’re looking for.

Written by Rick Remender (Deadly Class; Black Science; Tokyo Ghost) and with art by Bengal (Scumbag; Kick-Ass; Hit-Girl) and published by Image Comics, the Death or Glory comic is a nonstop, violence-infused high-speed fight for survival that takes place over three days through America’s open roads.

It’s about the lengths we will go to protect those who we love and the devastating consequences having a love like that can cause. The story of Death or Glory starts out relatively normal and then goes off the rails real fast. We follow Glory, a young woman who’s been raised living “off the grid” by her father as a part of a travelling group of truckers.

Death or Glory Comic

When Glory’s father falls terminally ill and is refused treatment because his “off the grid” lifestyle means he has no insurance card and no credit score, Glory decides to take matters into her own hands. After a failed money heist turns into what she thinks is at least a successful drug haul but is actually just the start of her uncovering a human trafficking ring – Glory and the community she’s grown up in all find themselves having to pull together and look after their own when no one else will.

Meet Glory, raised off the grid in a convoy amid truckers-the last men and women fighting for true freedom on the American open road. Now, in order to pay for her beloved dying Father’s surgery, Glory has three days to pull off four dangerous cross-country heists with mob killers, crooked cops, and a psycho ex-husband all out to bring her in or die trying.

The new ongoing series by New York Times bestselling author RICK REMENDER and legendary French superstar BENGAL brings you a high-speed chase across the American West that examines our dwindling freedoms and the price paid by those who fight for an untethered life, in this special double-sized first issue with 40 pages of story!

When I first decided to read Death or Glory, it was purely to see if it was worth keeping in my collection or not. I wasn’t planning to binge through all of it or even really enjoy it. I was just planning to page through, see if the art called out to me, and decide based on that.

Death or Glory Comic

That is not how my day ended up going. It ended up with me cancelling my exercise, food shopping and gaming night just to finish reading through the whole series. I don’t even know what exactly about Death or Glory drew me in. All I know is that from the first page till the last, I felt glued to the pages and unable to put it down.

Now that doesn’t mean I think Death or Glory is a Comic for everyone. To call it “rough” is an understatement. It’s kind of like a Jason Statham movie if they let him just have free reign over everything he says and does, but I do think it’s worth picking up and seeing if you’ll enjoy it.

Death or Glory Comic

Death or Glory was one of the comics in my collection that I ended up sitting on for way too long just because I didn’t think it was really “for me,” but it turns out I was wrong.

If you’re in the mood for something fast-paced, high stakes, and action-packed, then I definitely suggest giving Death or Glory a try – you might just discover your new favourite Comic.

Want to add Death or Glory to your collection? Click here to grab it from Critters and Comics. The entire series is available in the following formats: Digital; Single Issues (11 Issues); Trade Paperbacks (2 Books) or as a single Hardcover

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