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Death Stranding Crosses 10 Million Players Worldwide

Death Stranding, the 2019 open-world action game developed by Kojima Productions, has crossed 10 million players worldwide. The studio made the announcement on its social media, taking into account the accumulative number of players across not just PlayStation but PC platforms as well.

10 million players have experienced Death Stranding, the latest game from Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima. It originally released in November 2019 to mostly positive reviews and would later go on to be nominated for Game of the Year at The Game Awards that year.

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The 10 million player count for Death Stranding encompasses all copies sold on PlayStation and PC, as well as the number of players who accessed the game through subscription services like PlayStation Plus and PC Game Pass. 505 Games published the PC version of the game in 2020, which was only added to PC Game Pass this August.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut launched on PS5 in September 2021, bringing a number of visual and mechanical improvements as well as additional DLC and expanded story content.

In related news, actor Norman Reedus – who plays the game’s protagonist Sam Porter Bridges – accidentally revealed that Kojima Productions was working on Death Stranding 2 before it was officially announced. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, it seems like Kojima Productions is working on more than just the sequel. Some recent leaks suggest that the Japanese studio is working on a new horror game titled Overdose. It’s unclear if this is related to Kojima’s secret Xbox game.

Hideo Kojima recently responded to the conspiracies surrounding the indie horror game Abandoned and its crazy debacle that fans believed was a marketing ruse orchestrated by him. Kojima dismissed the conspiracies, acknowledging that it wasn’t a marketing stunt after all. Blue Box Game Studios and its founder Hasan Kahraman have gone radio silent for several months now since reports surfaced that the game didn’t exist in any playable state.

Death Stranding is currently available for PS4, PS5 and PC.

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