Norman Reedus Takes a Leak in the First Death Stranding Gameplay Trailer
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During the Gamescom Opening Night, Hideo Kojima took to the stage to reveal a series of new Death Stranding characters. First off we have Mama voiced by Margaret Qualley. This character is described as a woman who gave birth to a baby on “the other side” but is still connected to the child through the umbilical cord

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Deadman is being played by Guillermo Del Toro. This fancy-dressed character plays a big role in explaining the game’s babies and how Sam’s baby is connected to him and the other side.

Kojima explains how the baby and Sam will connect with the player and how the story of Death Stranding will tug on the emotional strings as you witness the relationship between the two grow.

Kojima also revealed a little bit of new PS4 gameplay from Death Stranding. The gameplay trailer showed off Sam, played by Norman Reedus, sleeping with his baby in his arms. Upon waking Sam sits up and ventures off through the gorgeous open world. Sam then takes a leak in a bush, yes for real. Hideo Kojima is not holding back here.

According to the developer, players will be able to empty their bladder when the time comes. However, you WILL NOT be able to rotate the camera to see Norman Reedus’ junk and if you want to disable the feature you can.

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The rest of the gameplay showcased the exploration in Death Stranding and how Sam can activate a scanner to reveal his environment. It showed off a lot of walking and equipping a load of tools like an expandable ladder which Sam used to climb up a large hill to an encampment.

Death Stranding Day 1 update Kojima Productions Sony PS4 exclusive

Sam then entered this bunker-like garage where he delivered the good he was carrying. Seems like Sam is a courier after all. Well, that is what we gathered from his delivery. Other gameplay mechanics included Sam calming his baby down after he fell off a cliff and more walking around. Players will use the DualShock 4’s motion controller to shake the baby to calm it down.

Check out the full Death Stranding gameplay trailer down below as well as the character reveals.

Mama Trailer

[su_youtube url=””]

Deadman Trailer

[su_youtube url=””]

Gameplay Trailer

[su_youtube url=””]

Death Stranding is releasing only on PS4 on 8 November 2019.






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