Death Stranding Not Listed as PS4 Exclusive Anymore on Multiple Official Stores
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Much of Kojima’s Death Stranding still remains somewhat of a mystery even after we’ve seen gameplay and multiplayer details, character details and more. One of the mysteries surrounding the game is if it will be a PS4 exclusive or a console exclusive. Back in 2015 before the game was first announced, it was revealed that Kojima’s first game in partnership with Sony would come to PS4 and later to PC, making it a console exclusive.

Since then, however, we’ve only seen the game mentioned for PS4 and it was even under the “Only on PlayStation” tab on the official PlayStation Store pages. This, however, is changing.

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As spotted by a ResetEra user, an update to some official PlayStation Store pages (including Australia, France and Portugal) sees the removal of Death Stranding under the “Only on PlayStation” tab. Furthermore, when the special and collector’s editions for the game was announced, the “Only on PlayStation” branding was also absent from the cover art.

Since the Press Release talking about the Sony / Kojima partnership in 2015, no official details of a PC version of Death Stranding have been mentioned. However, this could very well change soon as Hideo Kojima is set to headline Geoff Keighley’s Opening Night Live in less than two weeks, one day before GamesCom 2019 kicks off. Apparently, there will be new Death Stranding footage and maybe, just maybe, a PC version of the game will be mentioned. We will just have to wait until the show on 19 August 2019.

Don’t expect Death Stranding to come to PC on 8 November when it releases on PS4, however, as that would just be too quick and some marketing for the PC version obviously should be done first. However, it definitely looks as if the game won’t be a PS4 exclusive forever.

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Do you think the game will remain a PS4 exclusive or will it come to PC, possibly next year? Let us know in the comment section below and check out the latest trailer for the game in case you haven’t already.

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