It looks like some more Death Stranding information or even a new trailer might be coming soon as the creator, Hideo Kojima, has shared a new Death Stranding teaser on his Twitter account. The teaser is as mysterious as you would expect from Kojima, showcasing what looks like Norman Reedus’ character (the protagonist Sam), but you can only see a small part of the video as it is all shown through a hand-shaped view.

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As most of you know, E3 kicks off next month, from 11 to 14 June, to be exact. Sony won’t be at E3 but then again, there is still some debate going around if Death Stranding is a full PS4 exclusive or a timed-exclusive. With a Death Stranding teaser being dropped this close to E3, I can’t help but wonder if we will see something new on the game at E3 even without Sony present.

Kojima didn’t further comment on the teaser or drop more hints as to what it all means, but you can check out the 30-second Death Stranding teaser below:

It remains to be seen when we will get more information or a closer look at the game. However, it was reported early this month that Kojima is working on a new trailer and this Death Stranding teaser definitely wasn’t it. Further, it isn’t impossible for Sony to release some kind of pre-recorded state-of-play event shortly before or after E3 with an update on all their upcoming PS4 exclusives. Whatever the case may be, it looks like we will see more about Death Stranding soon.

Are you excited for Death Stranding and what do you think “create the rope” means? Let us know in the comment section below.


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