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Deathloop Actor Teases Potential DLC or New Related Project

Deathloop voice actor Jason E. Kelley, who voiced the game’s protagonist Colt Vahn, recently revealed that he was back in the studio working on more voice work. The actor didn’t explicitly mention for which game, though some have speculated that it’s either standalone DLC for Deathloop, a sequel or a new related project with Arkane Studios altogether.

First spotted by Reddit, Kelley posted an image of himself in a recording booth on social media, stating that he’s excited to share what’s coming. Interestingly, Kelley uses several Deathloop hashtags, leading many to believe that this work is tied to a Deathloop sequel, DLC or new project. However, when asked if it’s actually DLC for Deathloop, Kelley simply stated that it was a new title.

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Given the nature of Kelley’s response that it’s a “new title”, this could be a similar case to Dishonored 2‘s expanded content, Death of the Outsider, which released as a standalone product despite being closely linked to the Dishonored sequel. The fact that he uses multiple Deathloop hashtags is also an indication that it could be linked to Arkane’s time-loop shooter.

Arkane Studios is currently working on a few new titles, it seems. One of its biggest upcoming Xbox console exclusives is Redfall, the vampire-slaying action game which was first unveiled last year during Xbox’s E3 presentation. Unfortunately, publisher Bethesda delayed Redfall to a 2023 release date alongside Starfield in order to give the teams more time in development.

Deathloop released last year to glowing reviews, with critics and fans praising its clever use of a familiar time-loop concept as well as the solid voice acting work from the cast, including Kelley’s portrayal of Colt. Due to a timed exclusivity deal with PlayStation that pinned the game as a PS5 console exclusive, it will likely arrive on Xbox later this year.

Deathloop is now available for PS5 and PC.

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Source: Jason E. Kelley (via Reddit)

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