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Deathloop is Officially Set in the Dishonored Universe

Bethesda has confirmed that Arkane Studios’ time-warping shooter Deathloop is officially set in the same universe as the Dishonored series. The company revealed the news in a tweet over the weekend, though stopped short of mentioning the intracies of how each game is connected. This will likely encourage players to dig through Deathloop‘s easter eggs now in search of those universal connections.

Deathloop players already suspected that both universes were connected in some way as Dishonored easter eggs were discovered within the game, such as “antique pistols” showing up in Deathloop being the same weapons players would’ve used in Dishonored.

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Of course, Arkane probably put a lot more thought into these easter eggs that players have yet to find in Deathloop. Now that we know both universes are connected, it raises plenty of interesting questions. Answers will likely come soon as players are rushing back to Deathloop to find those undiscovered connections.

Arkane’s games mostly follow a similar gameplay pattern so the chances of connected universes are high. It’s good to see Bethesda officially confirming this long-standing theory, which would’ve been left that way for players to ponder over and draw more attention to the games’ world and lore.

Bethesda is no stranger to putting easter eggs from other IPs in its games. You’ll find some hidden secrets such as a Skyrim reference in 2016’s Doom, Elder Scrolls references in the Fallout series and many more – the latter even creating another popular theory that the universes of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout are somehow connected, though this is has been disproven multiple times..

In related news, Arkane is currently working on an open-world co-op vampire slaying game called Redfall which is due to hit Xbox Series X/S and PC early next year. Deathloop is also currently available on Xbox Game Pass if you want to give last year’s critically acclaimed shooter a shot.

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