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Deathloop Loading Screens Causing PS5s To Make Horrible Sounds

If you’ve been playing Deathloop then you most likely have heard strange buzzing sounds coming out of your PS5 when the game enters its loading screen. I noticed this the other day and the sound starts as soon as the loop loading screen pops up while entering and exiting a location. I thought perhaps it was the game itself making a noise from the TV. However, I then decided to mute everything and try and again and indeed, this buzzing noise was coming out of the console.

This Deathloop loading sound only starts up during a loading screen and never any other time. Some users also claim that they haven’t heard the noise yet. In addition, some users say they have experienced this sound in other games in the past too.

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Users have started to share their experiences in forums and social media platforms. Some of them say that Rainbow Six Siege is another game known to make this noise. Siege players claim that the game’s frame rate jumps up to 999 during loading screens putting extreme pressure on the PS5’s GPU. The noise is a result of the coil whining during this screen.

The Deathloop loading screens seem to also have this issue as the game uncaps the frame rate during loading and the GPU skyrockets in order to produce the power required by the game. Siege players have fixed the issue by capping their frame rate in the settings but Deathloop does not have this option at all.

Personally, Deathloop is the first game I have played that suffers from this issue but Reddit users aren’t new to the situation. While we shouldn’t be too concerned about the noise, we can only hope that Bethesda and Arkane manage to sort it out because surely this sound can’t be good for the console? Listen to it down below.

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Source: Twitter / Kotaku

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