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Deathloop PS5 DualSense Features Detailed

Sony has shared a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming PS5 console exclusive Deathloop that explores the game’s DualSense immersion. According to the trailer, players can look forward to some fancy tech being used throughout the shooter that will only be experienced on PS5.

Deathloop will make sure of the PS5 DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers for gunplay. This means that shooting your weapon will feel unique depending on what you have equipped. Each weapon’s trigger will feel different on the controller too. The adaptive triggers will also kick back and vibrate on certain guns like the minigun. Deathloop also features a gun-jamming mechanic where players can’t shoot. This will also be experienced through adaptive trigger support.


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In Deathloop, players can feel every footstep through the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback. When players sneak, each foot will vibrate the respective side of the controller as you walk. This means players will feel the left side when your left foot touches the ground and the right side when your right foot moves. This haptic feedback will strengthen depending on how fast you are moving. Sprinting will also make it tap your hands faster.

Last but not least there is the speaker on the DualSense controller that acts as the game’s radio system. This is nothing majorly new for Sony and its hardware. The PS4 often used the speaker to playback radio chatter, in-game recordings and more. Still cool to know though.

Deathloop is set to release on 14 September 2021 for PS5 and PC. The game has been developed by the Dishonored studio, Arkane and is a PlayStation exclusive for an entire year before releasing on Xbox. We have covered Deathloop quite a lot in the past few months. Take a look at our full gameplay deep dive here and why you should be excited to play the game here.

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